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1st Week of the month

Standing positions

The standing postures are the basis for all other asanas and play a central role in Iyengar yoga. They have an invigorating effect and refresh mind and body by relieving tension and pain. They bring stability and balance and correct the physical body by providing the basic principles of movement. By practicing the standing postures, body and mind gain lightness and agility.
2nd Week of the month

Forward stretches and twists

Forward stretches have a calming effect. They eliminate fatigue, refresh the mind and calm the nerves. They regulate the blood pressure and promote a restful sleep. Through twists the spine is activated, the muscles around them are strengthened, the kidneys and organs of the abdomen are activated. The spine becomes supple and the hip region more agile.
3rd Week of the month


Backbends have an invigorating effect. They give energy, courage and fight against depression. They open the chest and make the spine more supple. By extending the chest, the lungs and the heart gain strength. The strength in the arms and shoulders increases and the mind and body are stimulated.
4th Week of the month

Restorative Asanas and Pranayama

"In Pranayama the back is the board, the air writes, and the mind holds the chalk." (B.K.S. Iyengar) Restorative asanas serve to gather and preserve strength. Pranayama calms and strengthens the mind and creates a sense of inner space. Pranayamas should be performed only when body, nervous system and lungs are strengthened by the practice of asanas.
Every week of the month


Inversions like sarvangasana (shoulderstand) and sirsasana (headstand) vitalize the entire body. They take the weight off the legs and release tension. The reversal of the internal organs causes an improvement in blood flow and gland function. They improve sleep and the ability to concentrate and strengthen the emotional balance.