Yoga and Art: Parallel Paths of Expression

In the early 2000s, I was introduced to Yoga and began my practice while living near Hamburg. However, as life evolved and my studies in art intensified, Yoga momentarily faded from my daily routine.
It wasn't until 2008, after relocating to Berlin, that I reconnected with Yoga. This practice became an instrumental part of my life, offering a pathway to reveal and express my inner being. Recognizing the profound impact it had on me, I decided to deepen my understanding and undertook a training program in Iyengar Yoga in 2013, completing it in 2016. My passion led me forward, and by October 2019, I achieved the Junior Intermediate I certification.
The practice of Yoga is one of continuous reflection and development, even when it feels like standing still or taking steps backward. It's a practice that never becomes monotonous or repetitive. The practice of Yoga is like a tree with deep roots, holding onto it you won't be swept away.
Parallel to my yoga journey, my background in illustration design found a unique intersection with my practice. Even as a yoga student in the early days, I illustrated the yoga sequences that I had practiced. The visual representation of these sequences not only enriched my personal practice but also brought a fresh perspective to my teachings later on. It's my hope that these illustrations serve as both a guide and inspiration for others in their yoga journey.

Namaste Svenja