• Regenerative practice during pregnancy

    19. December 2022 Svenja

    SvastikasanaSupta Svastikasana – supportedSupta Baddha Konasana – supportedVirasanaUrdhva Hasta in VirasanaParvatasana in VirasanaViparita Dandasana – supportedBaddha Konasana in Viparita Dandasana – supportedRope SirsasanaChair SarvangasanaSavasana – supported

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  • Backbends during pregnancy

    12. December 2022 Svenja

    SvastikasanaVirasanaUrdhva Hasta in VirasanaParvatasana in VirasanaTadasanaUrdhva HastasanaBaddhanguliyasanaGomukhasana in TadasanaPaschima NamaskarasanaVirabhadrasana IRope SirsasanaChair SarvangasanaSavasana

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  • Forwardbends during pregnancy

    5. December 2022 Svenja

    Supta Padangusthasana IIArdha UttanasanaParsvottanasana – concave back, hands at the wall or another supportPrasarita Padottanasana – concave backPrasarita Padottanasana – with head supported on chairRope SirsasanaChair Salamba SarvangasanaSavasana

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  • Standing poses during pregnancy

    28. November 2022 Svenja

    Parsva Hasta PadangusthasanaUtthita TrikonasanaArdha ChandrasanaArdha UttanasanaRope SirsasanaSalamba Sarvangasana with the chairSavasana

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  • Detox Sequence

    21. November 2022 Svenja

    written by Chiara Travisi and illustrated by Svenja Karstens The first part of the sequence is composed by standing asanas.In the variations of standing asanas that Chiara propose here, the bolster is employed in order to massage the kidneys, adrenals and posterior diaphragmatic area, while creating length and wideness in the stomach, liver and front…

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  • 11 Hips and seating poses

    14. November 2022 Svenja

    TadasanaUrdhva HastasanaVriksasanaGarudasanaUtkatasanaParighasanaSvastikasanaParvatasana in SvastikasanaAdho Mukha VirasanaVirasanaBaddha KonasanaBharadvajasana ISalamba SarvangasanaHalasanaEka Pada SarvangasanaParsvaikapada SarvangasanaHalasanaUrdhva Prasarita PadasanaSavasana

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  • 10 Standing poses

    7. November 2022 Svenja

    VirasanaAdho Mukha SvanasanaAdho Mukha VirasanaAdho Mukha SvanasanaTadasanaTrikonasanaParsvakonasanaVirabhadrasana I – hands on hipsUttanasana – Baddha HastaVirabhadrasana IIParsvottanasanaGarudasanaUtkatasanaAdho Mukha SvanasanaParvatasana in VirasanaAdho Mukha VirasanaSalamba SarvangasanaHalasanaSavasana

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  • 9 Standing poses and backbends

    31. October 2022 Svenja

    Urdhva Prasarita PadasanaAdho Mukha SvanasanaTadasanaTrikonasanaParsvakonasanaVirabhadrasana IIArdha ChandrasanaVirabhadrasana IVirabhadrasana III (also with hands on a ledge or chair back)ParsvottanasanaParighasanaUstrasanaUrdhva Mukha SvanasanaAdho Mukha SvanasanaSarvangasanaHalasanaSavasana

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  • Relaxation sequence

    3. October 2022 Svenja

    Setubandha Sarvangasana – over bolsterUttanasana – Baddha Hasta, holding the opposite elbowAdho Mukha SvanasanaVirasanaParvatasana in VirasanaJanu Sirsasana – concave backJannu SirsanaTriangaikapada Paschimottanasana – concave backTriangaikapada PaschimottanasanaPaschimottanasanaSalamba SarvangasanaHalasanaViparita Karani

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  • Sequence to relief knee pain

    26. September 2022 Svenja

    Illustration inspired by Julio Dieguez Papi.BKS Iyengar sequence to relieve knee pain.It is a sequence for athletes who often overload the knee and adjacent body structures.Julio practiced the sequence developed by Guruji and described on pages 90-91 of his book “Yoga for Sports”.He added some variations that he learned from his teachers.The sequence is helpful…

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