• Release strain in buttock and hip joint and cool down

    19. September 2022 Svenja

    This illustration is inspired by Julio Dieguez Papi.B.K.S. Iyengar`s sequence to release strain in buttock and hip joint + sequence to cool down the body in warm climate, from the book «Yoga for Sports».1st 7 poses from the first sequence, where Adho Mukha Svanasana and Adho Mukha Virasana are also part of the sequence 2…

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  • Asanas after a journey

    12. September 2022 Svenja

    Illustration inspired by Julio Dieguez Papi.Restorative Yoga from Guruji BKS Iyengar.A practice following a sequence from the book “Yoga for Sports”.This practice is described on pages 133 and 134.For whom?For any person that has just make a long trip with many hours sitting and lack of sleep.In his book “Yoga for Sports”, Guruji addresses common…

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  • Shoulder work and general body condition

    5. September 2022 Svenja

    This illustration and yogasequence is inspired by Julio Dieguez Papi.He writes the following about his practice:“These Asanas having been taken from Gurujis book “Yoga for sports.It is an allaround practice willing to rebalance body and mind. Good as well as Level 1 general class.However, it is for all levels. For an Iyengar Yoga practitioner it…

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  • Asanas for strength

    29. August 2022 Svenja

    Strength in the muscles is developed by the regular practice ot these asanas.Asanas work not only on the major muscles, but also on the minor ones so that they can assist the former.Asanas teach us to use our physical strength in an intelligent and elegant way, and not exerting brute force.What is important is the…

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  • Preventing Exhaustion

    22. August 2022 Svenja

    In addition to skeleto-muscular problems, sportsperson are also prone to exhaustion and fatigue.The sides of our chest are storehouses of energy and need to be charged so that prana can be stored. One of the ways to charge them is to keep them well lifted.All these asanas open the chest and energise the practitioner. The…

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  • Overcoming Stiffness in the upper back

    15. August 2022 Svenja

    The entire back is prone to pain in sportspeople.Neck and lower back pain are the most common in one-sided sports where one part of the body is overworked.The neck and lower pain can be released by twisting asanas like Bharadvajasana and Utthita Marichyasana. They can help in releasing the entire back and neck. Uttanasana extends…

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  • Strengthening arms and shoulders

    8. August 2022 Svenja

    Arm and shoulder strength is nessessary fo many sports.Sportsperson have to learn to use not only the deltoids, but also the latissimus. To understand the role of the latissimus inthe extension of the arms, lift your arms over your head. After some time, the upper arm muscles feel heavy, fatigued and ready to collapse, a…

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  • 7 Sequence Abdomen

    1. August 2022 Svenja

    Supta Baddha KonasanaSvastikasanaVirasanaParvatasana in VirasanaParighasanaTrikonasanaUtthita Hasta Padangusthasana with chair, first hands at the hips, then arms to Urdhva HastasanaParsva Hasta Padangusthasana with chair, first hands at the hips, then arms to Urdhva Hastasanastanding Marichyasana I with chairpreparation Urdhva Prasarita PadasanaUrdhva Prasarita Padasana 90 degrees to 60 degrees and backJathara Parivartanasana with bend legsDandasanaParipurna NavasanaDandasanaParipurna Navasana…

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  • 28 Sequence for anxiety

    15. July 2022 Svenja

    A sequence from the book “Yoga The Path to Holistic Health” written by B.K.S.Iyengar. TadasanaUrdhva HastasanaUttanasana- head supportedPrasarita PadottanasanaAdho Mukha Svanasana – head supported on block, hands elevated on blocksAdho Mukha Svanasana – head supported on bolsterSalamba SirsasanaUttanasana – head supportedTrikonasanaArdha ChandrasanaViparita Dandasana – with a chair, head supported with bolster and feet elevatedViparita Dandasana…

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  • 15 Increase awareness in the back body

    9. May 2022 Svenja

    Increase awareness in the back body with standing asanas, forward extensions, inversions and backbends.Sequence inspired by Marla Apt.AMVAMSUttanasanaAMSUttanasana concaveUttanasanaTadasanaUrdhva HastasanaVirabhadrasana IIUttanasanaTrikonasanaUttanasanaTrikonasana ..to..Ardha ChandrasanaUttanasanaVirabhadrasana I ..to..Virabhadrasana III ..toVirabhadrasana IUttanasanaPrasarita PadottanasanaDandasanaPaschimottanasanaJanu SirsasanaSirsasanaParsva SirsasanaParyankasana with a brick under the thoracic spine, 1. holding the elbows, 2. straighten the arms overhead and hold the mat with your handsUstrasanaBhujangasanaPreparation Padangustha…

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