• Sequence abdomen

    30. November 2020 Svenja

    Supta Svastikasana – a block under the shoulder blades, a block under the head, first arms to the side, then arms above the head Baddha HastaSupta Tadasana – with 2 blocks, bring one block under the sacrum, then stretch the arms over the head and press the back of the hands to the floor, have…

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  • Beginner sequence twists and forward extensions

    23. November 2020 Svenja

    SvastikasanaUrdhva Hasta in SvastikasanaParvatasana in Svastikasanachange the cross of the legs and repeatParsva Svastikasana to the rightAdho Mukha Parsva Svastikasana to the right, stretch forward over the right knee, bring the sternum in line with the right knee, place the fingertips of the right hand and turn the abdomen and chest from left to right…

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  • Sequence Virabhadrasana III

    9. November 2020 Svenja

    Adho Mukha Virasana – block under the chin, bring the chin and sternum forward, straighten the arms and the sides of the body forwards, press the hands firmly to the floor and bring the shoulder blades in. Keep your buttocks on your heels.Adho Mukha Svanasana – head to the block if possibleVajrasanaParvatasana in Vajrasana, change…

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  • Beginner Sequence forward bends and twists

    10. August 2020 Svenja

    Svastikasana – sit on blanketUrdhva Hasta in Svastikasana… toParsva SvastikasanaDandasana – sit on blanketUrdhva Hasta in in Dandasana … to …Parsva DandasanaArdha Uttanasana – hands to wallTadasanaUrdha HastasanaArdha Uttanasana – hands on blocks uprightArdha Uttanasana – hands on blocks across (if possible, otherwise as above)Ardha Uttanasana – hands to the floor (if possible, otherwise as…

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  • Standing poses

    3. August 2020 Svenja

    SvastikasanaUrdhva Hasta in SvastikasanaParvatasana in SvastikasanaVajrasana (sit on your heels)Urdhva Hasta in VajrasanaParvatasana in VajrasanaTadasanaUrdhva HastasanaTadasanaUtthita Hasta PadasanaUtthita TrikonasanaAdho Mukha SvanasanaUtthita TrikonasanaAdho Mukha SvanasanaVirabhadrasana IIAdho Mukha SvanasanaParsvakonasanaAdho Mukha SvanasanaDandasanaUrdhva Hasta in Dandasana … to …Parsva DandasanaBharadvajasana IAdho Mukha SvanasanaArdha Halasana – soles of the feet on the wall, or toes on a chairSavasana If you…

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