Asanas after a journey

12. September 2022

Illustration inspired by Julio Dieguez Papi.
Restorative Yoga from Guruji BKS Iyengar.
A practice following a sequence from the book “Yoga for Sports”.
This practice is described on pages 133 and 134.
For whom?
For any person that has just make a long trip with many hours sitting and lack of sleep.
In his book “Yoga for Sports”, Guruji addresses common situations that sports professionals face during their careers and also after.
Many sportsmen and sportswomen need to travel before and after their sports performances.
This basic sequence pays attention to knees and back and helps to reinvigorate the full body in case of privation of sleep.
Julio changed Virasana for Viparita Dandasana for an extra attention to his breath, and to get a boost of adrenaline and sympathetic activation.

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