31 Compactness & Expansion I

18. April 2022

Compactness & Expansion Part 1

Sequence written by Stephanie Quirk.
Illustration: Svenja Karstens
This series exploring how we work with opposing forces was originally recorded in April 2021.

You can rent the recordings of this series at

Supta Tadasana feet together – legs bound, feet into the wall,
belt at the bulky part of the thigh, belt below the top of the fibula
and belt to the ankle, arms over the head
Supta Tadasana – legs in Parsva Hasta Padasana, arms over the head
Supta Padangustasana II – 1. flat, 2. on two shoulderstand foams, 3. on two wooden bricks
Trikonasana with back foot to the wall – 1. classic, 2. angular
Privrtta Trikonasana – 1. classic, 2. angular, repeat: 1. angular 2. classic
Janu Sirsasana
Triangaekapada Paschimottanasana
Marichyasana I
Ekapada Sirsasana
Parsvaikapada Sirsasana
Upavista Konasana in Sirsasana
Baddha konasana in Sirsasana
Parsva Halasana
Supta Konasana
Parsva Halasana
Supta Konasansa

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